RETREATS: The Lifestyle Retreat (Millionaire in Flip Flops)


Key West, Florida August 20-23, 2015

Not living the life that you dreamed? Ask yourself WHY!

“How we personally create our lifestyle directly effects how we LIVE! When we truly align ourselves with our hopes and desires, we discover our purpose and find our TRUE happiness. By breaking open, exploring new ideas and expanding our beliefs we ultimately begin fulfilling our dreams.” -Sue Cooper
This retreat includes everything in our "Soul Shine Seekers Retreat PLUS we will be offering built in workshops based on Sue Cooper's Millionaire in Flip Flops. Learn the core principles to creating the life you want. Empower, expand and find your purpose by clearing limiting beliefs. Put all your dreams into play.

Sue is offering this particular retreat as a continuation of the same dedication and passion that fueled her book!

Haven't read the book yet? Not to worry, the same inspiration and insight will be shared! Learn from Sue how to "revive" and "align" your deepest desires with your everyday life!

Cost $849

Simply shine following this three day retreat (with an optional fourth day a fun if you can stay longer.). At Lazy Dog, there isn’t much distinction between work and play- It's plain and simple our "lifestyle!" During your time spent with us, you will realize how connecting with each other, nature and your own true playfulness quickly refreshes you and restores a fundamental state of mind creating lots of space to be clear and free where new ideas are formed and old ideas or worn out patterns are broken! 

*Day One - we will slip down the South side of the southernmost city to an old Civil War fort for a delightful picnic harbor side under the shade of pines at Ft. Zachary State Park. Chill beachside or kick back in the shade after lunch.... Maybe start reading that book you've been trying to get to for months!!

*Day Two - marvel at the tranquility of the back-country as we transport you through the shallows with its abundant plant and sea life. Boating, paddling and a backcountry picnic.

*Day Three - Embark on a journey through our historic seaport with an enchanting Sunset Paddle in Key West Harbor. View the sunset celebration and local street performers from your paddle board as you watch the sun sink into the Gulf of Mexico.

*Day Four optional (additional $60) - we will take you to our barrier reef where the "wreckers" of Key West made their fortune on vessels who had run aground visiting the island! Here, we will launch paddle boards from a catamaran and dive in after them and paddle to shore until our feet hit the sand! Immediately after we will enjoy brunch at a neighborhood gem, Salute! 

Cost $800 includes:

Yoga classes (3), Meals: Breakfast (3), Dinner (1), Lunch (2)

Bike rental, down wind one-way paddle, sunset paddle, paddle eco tour, paddlefit, meditation, Backcountry boat excursion with paddle and picnic.

Transportation to and from all excursions and Airport transportation also included. *Accommodations not included.

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